A WEED SMOKER IS TOXIC….While many considered it as cool White America considered you as fool..


“Once a weed head is always a weed head except Christ is their go too.” Sdwjr

Have you ever wonder why people get into smoking weed? First of all they were influenced,and when I mean influence,I mean they got introduce or into it through a mean of a broken entry.Whoever introduced them or got them involve in such a habit had problem themselves or had being broken themselves.Victims always looks for prey to share their miserable acts.There has to be a dysfunction in a person life that they will have to submit themselves to substance of smoking weed. A dysfunction is an entry that demon used to possess a person life and keeps them on a life of crave.They will do any and everything to support that craves, it doesn’the matter wnether it is illegal or legal.A last result will be to required a doctor signature to prescribe them such a drug if need be.That is considered full demonic possession at work or toxicity at work.

Sometimes you’ve got to love people from very far away even when you know that they are hurting. Then there are those who have to be blocked on social media as an act of self preservation. Not only does this happen in the demonic World, but it’s more likely to since we are often the last resort of the wounded after they’ve been rejected by everyone else. For those of us firmly rooted here, it’s useful to be able to identify the various categories of toxic wend smokers . I’ve added some tips on how to manage them as well, including helpful escapes.

Before getting into the typologies, I’ll begin with my general approach: all of these types are typically wounded individuals who are seeking healing. Even if they don’t know it. That doesn’t mean I put up with their behavior, nor should you.Wouldn’t it be wonder if toxic people,including weed smokers, had big scary eyes that gave them away? Too often they hide their toxicity with charm or desperation.Anyone who smokes weed has an exposure or exposed themselves to witchcraft or demonic possession at a point in their lives.

  • Being kind to toxic people doesn’t mean putting up with their harmful ways, but it does require us to consider whether they are just having a bad day, are hungry or maybe aren’t great with words. Pausing to reflect before categorizing someone as toxic is a sure sign that you aren’t.
  • Be forgiving…to a point. My general rule is: treat me badly once, shame on you. Twice? That’s on me. If you let someone treat you poorly, they aren’t going to stop no matter how much you care. Again, refer to my point about boundaries.
  • If someone is harming you, insulting you or “love bombing” you (see below), enforce those boundaries. Walk away. Hit the block button. Self-compassion comes first.
  • We all can get trapped in toxicity. That’s because we have all been wounded and have shadow selves. The weed smoker ’ Journey is about healing these aspects and growth. Stagnation is a sure sign of toxicity.
  • A touch of humor is often helpful in dealing with toxic people. However, they can be very damaging.

In my humble opinion, except Christ is their number one focus of interest there is no way they can stop such a crave…………….They must recognized that their bodies are of God and must not be  contaminated with substance that destroyshe that temple of God.


 “Once a weed head is always a weed head except Christ is their go too.”

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