Activist SDWJR View on the Police Shooting In Sacramento

How did the officer know that the man with the gun isn’t an undercover.He could’ve been an office duty undercover in the midst of the crowd.It made have shot an undercover who had a the right to carry a gun in the midst of the crowd.We see that all the time in major cities gathering.

The News source is credible which is ABC10 and updates could be questionable but I will ignore it.I noticed one sided information from officer Karl Chan regarding the shooting in North Sacramento and I wondering why ABC10 is reporting in contrast.

Anyways,we are told there a huge gathering in canon industrial park and an officer saw crowd fleeing the area but how can the word (THEY) be used while refer to an officer.The officer later found a man with a gun and shot him.It said later which means after the crowd was gone he shot the man with the gun.

It didn’t tell us if more than one police was on the scene which made the story very unbelievable because on officer can disrupt a large crowd not here in New York City and I am definitely positive not in Sacramento.

This is really dangerous order of operation and we see that pattern repeated all too well across this country. Where Police will shoot anyone with a gun.The story is not credible!

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