Activists Will Show Their True Colors in COVID-19 Pandemic

F5F2E873-7D6D-4E2B-98A7-85F8C2EDF673As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of public companies have seen their market capitalization and value of their common stock decline precipitously.All across the world there are constant fear that it could lead to another economic crash,again.While many companies are focused  on capital and the direction of the economy, it seems like the Role of Activists are taking a different approach.

Role of Activist across the world are linking together to donate to healthcare providers and many homeless people around the world.These Activists are fostering support to remote parts of the world that are experiencing COVID-19.How amazing to know that these individuals have proven to the local and the world that they’re  more than just talking freedom and equality.

As the world stands right now, they’re supplying people with home made mask, giving away water at places such WHO,Walmart’s,Costco,BJ,Sam club and other places of business across the world.These acts of servitude in this time of trouble will not only valid the power behind activism but it solidified the heart of it.

They’ve been appreciated for the continue effort they put in their craft for people’s rights to be respected, but also added another valid merit to what they are really about and that is ensuring that people needs are provided as well.The Role of Activist isn’t just a bunch of incredible and brave individuals but definitely amazing individuals who understands the need in these rough times and stepping up for People who wants to know they’re there for them.

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