From the West part of Africa which is called Liberia and by the way, it was where the first US free slaves landed in 1821-1847.I moved to the US with this historic worldview of black people treated wrongly by White Slave masters,and I wanted to identify with my black brothers and sisters.

Began searching for real historical facts and I came across a speech made by Malcolm X in regards to House Niger and Field Niger.It interested me my entire journey as I sort to figured out why will black slaves want to be a House Niger then truly staying loyal to their own people.

Well,they say experience is a teacher and let’s wondered if all experiences make people a teacher.House Niger experience is exempted as the worst betrayal of mankind.We should hope Malcolm X was alive to see the new generation becoming house Nigers in COVID-19.

For those of us who don’t know the true meaning behind the House Niger theory from Malcolm X,I will be glad to give you an overview from Wikipedia.House Niger is a historical term of a house slave from an African descendants.They typically have higher status of living than a field Niger.Their loyalty are with their slave masters rather than with their own people

I thought House Nigers will get back with the field Nigers during the death of George Floyd, but I guessed it was all wrong. For many years I kept my sounding the message of Malcolm X in New York’s Five boroughs that these White Slave masters aren’t going to stop killing us til we are all dead or back in 400 plus years of slavery.

Later did I realized that all Blacks in New York are House Nigers.I was speaking in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.These Black Folks were looking at me like I was crazy as if to say I should’ve known they were all sold out long time ago to these White Slave masters who were offended that I was disruptive to their smooth operations.


These House Nigers were offended that their White Slave Masters were offended that I have awakened a dead culture that they all deemed it creates hatred and division among them.They all have decided to attacked me from every direction such as White People threatened to shoot me if I moved in Queens,New York.

White woman joint with House Nigers at America’s works on Jamaica,New York that I hated them after the White teacher called foreign food unhealthy and Unsafe for consumption while she was teaching on Food certificate.My responded as stated was labeled as direct and too strong of a correction and was deemed as racist against black People’s White Slave Master.

I had the NYFD and NYPD following me 24/7 because I was awakening the Malcolm X ideology that exposed White Slave masters.That didn’t stop me then they moved onto damaging my image and that didn’t stopped me.Then they moved unto recruitment of more House Nigers and that didn’t stop me. I refused to stay silent.

As I am writing this blog I am saying to myself when will Black People(Americans) come to this full reality that they paying you just enough to slain you for you to slain yourself(Black People).As I always say,black Americans don’t know real love but real abuse.They take their abuses as being love from their Model White slave masters.

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