American Missionary ‘who claimed to be doctor caused deaths of more than 100 children in Africa!! SERIAL KILLER!!’


Renee Bach and her non-profit Serving His Children (SHC) have been named in a civil lawsuit filed in Uganda for operating a “medical facility” without a license.

Bach and SHC “have unlawfully practiced medicine and offered medical services to unsuspecting vulnerable children.” Bach is not a medical professional; she is the founder of SHC, which describes itself as a religious nonprofit.

Bach claimed to be a “medical doctor” and was always at the “medical facility,” as she was often seen “wearing a white coat, a stethoscope and often administered medications to children in her care.”

he lawsuit also claims that Bach and SHC’s actions have caused the “death of hundreds of children,” citing a former employee who claims to have delivered the bodies of children who died in the facility back to their home villages.
In an affidavit, SHC’s former driver Charles Olweny stated that he worked there for eight years and that he “would drive at least seven to ten bodies of children back to their villages each week.”
He stated that he would offer fifty thousand (50,000) Uganda Shillings, a small coffin and a bag of maize meal to each family as a form of condolence, according to the document.
The video, titled “Baby Moses: The Full Story,” details how Bach went to a hospital three times in one day, in order to get the child discharged.
“The intern doctors weren’t there so we continued to just go and check on him…we were able to get him discharged and transferred here to our facility,” she says. It is unclear what happened to Moses after the video was recorded.
While Bach’s blog talks about many of the successes she says she has had in restoring children to proper health, it also contains stories of deaths at SHC.

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