Oh,trust me when I mean they should put away their anger towards others,I am dare serious.These people Men are really bitten people.
If and only if they can come to that realization that the world don’t revolve around them and they need to get their head from how things once used to be.They will be completely fine.

There are more greatness out in the world to be enjoyed if and only if these Angry men removed the anger away and learned to embrace others as like or more than they are.That is change they trying to avoid.It is slowly catching onto them.

We did live doing the era of slavery with Rosa Park,Dr.King or Malcolm-X but the Angry White Men are the ones that are in their late 40’s who still thinks racist thoughts and behavior today.These are the types who acts like Pres.Trump and still thinks that Slavery was the best thing that every happened for them.

We should be disappointed at these angry men,especially us who are not as old as they’re.They refused to accept change and refused to recognized and understand that times aren’t what it usual to be.Where they were catered to 24/7 by people who they entangled or encamped them against their free will.Who serve them without being rewarded but got beaten and killed unjustly.

There is new day in new era and new time and these angry White men haven’t come to full reality that things have changed.But they are still stuck on being extremely childish and foolish about stuff like their daughters dating other races or black men.Their jobs are given to Foreigners..Stuff like that makes them angry.

They need to get over themselves and their pissy anger.People are allowed to date and whomever they like and employers ha e right to employ whomever they deem qualified for their job opening.They always throwing the race card on us.


Look,these babies attitude and like behavior is the most ignorant thing that we all have noticed and we are definitely sick and tire of it.They’re used to handout and don’t want to compete or further themselves to compete with Africans,Asians or Latinos.They rather cry like newborn babies.Get up and move the hell on!!!ANGRY MEN!!

If these Angry White men were earnestly willing to accept change and embrace the immigrants and accept the new world as we all accepted,there wouldn’t be so many terrify angry white men running our streets with guns,and tight faces like the world hates them.

Earnestly,We all wish angry White men the best but they don’t wish all of us the same.If the time can be reversed back to the days of Jim Crow and later,they’ll be the happiest men on earth but unfortunately that is never going to happen.We were fool then or fool but we aren’t being a fool countless times.That never happened,Sorry!!!!!

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