ATLANTA:My Encountered With A Prostitute That I Helped With a Request.

I could record driving and approaching a light where few individuals were standing and asking for help.I assisted and drove off.

This time I was at the train station looking for a Best Buy and she happened to be stand where I was getting my ticket.

I asked her if she knew and she calmly helped me get the direction I need.She asked me if I could help get her nail done.I had my card and not a cash.

I told her I will and I promised I will another time.She said,”If you promised them give your number I call you to see what time is best.” I did.

She called me two days later and I took her to get her nail and she asked if I could do the hair.I did.

She ask me if I will book a room for us.I knew it was coming and I refused.It was the turn off and I done.

2 thoughts on “ATLANTA:My Encountered With A Prostitute That I Helped With a Request.”

  1. You give your number to a prostitution person take her to get her hair and nails done. Boy you took her back to your room tell real story cause you sound stupid. But you have a wife that you make promises to everyday and never fulfill but you get a women who’s selling pussy your number get her hair and nails done. Sounds like you need to grow up and be a MAN.

  2. How dare you. ” so called Prince of theives”. Is this the behavior of a married man. Your lies will burn you and your credibility is trash. Real men don’t act or carry themselves the way you do. You are a fake and fony.

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