ATLANTA:My Concern friends are White.Who will ever thought that will happened as BLM Activist

I admired the great history this city has to offered and surprisingly most of the White People I worked with keep me intouch and told me they here to help me whenever I need help.

Most of my associates are Whites and I mean cool as heaven and they recognized what I am about and respect me as I do them the same.

Anyone who knows me can affirmed that I love everybody and get alone with everybody provided if they don’t lost their minds

Right now I am slowly transitioning in every areas of my life.I like the adjusting process because it allows me to see a side of me I never see before.

I thank God for all who supported who helping in this city to fight violent crimes and help feed those who are homeless.

For the most part I like what I see and the adjusting outside of the unnecessary police called on me by my black women.

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