Being Homeless for a Cost And Being Homeless Without a Cost.That’s YOU?

Who would’ve thought that I would called White Police dumb Police when I’ve been a United force between Police and Black Communities during the early 2000’s.I have extreme ultimate respect because I grew up in that environment.

Some things changed after the death of Eric Garner and cruelty of blacks in homeless Shelters across America,especially in New York.I throw my comfort away and embarked on exposing the cruelty in the homeless system and confronting those who manages or runs it.I demanded change.

For me to effectively expose the cruelty I became a homeless person without a cost but for a cost.I became a Homeless Activist within the Shelters System of New York City.Demanding better treatment of Blacks and color people.Exposing the dirty places where blacks where living and the expired food they where serving and the constant cruelty from those workers and security guards who works within the shelter system.

I came to find out that the Shelter System and the White Police system had a cruelty benefit package as I like to called it.Since many of those within the shelters where on parole,running from the law or simply struggling to keep a roof over their heads.I noticed a pattern of behavior that I had to confront immediately.They’ll put fear in those Black people by saying, “We called the Police if you don’t do what we want you to do or cooperate.” That really pisses me off because that is the White Jim Crow way of controlling our people.I had to put stop to it.

Also noticed the Shelter and Police will disclosed or exchange Black people personal informations.I also noticed the White Police will informed the shelter of someone black they think must watched.White Police or Police Department should’ve no personal relationship with the Shelter system or access to Black People personal informations because it causes them to harass them.

Both the DHS and NYPD didn’t like me and my approach.I had both on high alert by constantly exposing them in the streets. White Police brutality and New York City Shelter Cruelty was focus of Activism.I became a notarized figure who was within the system to expose it and destroy anything that with destroy Black People right as human being.

Both United to alienate my personality by making it to look like my reason of being in the Shelter system was due to drug,alcohol or substance abused.One claimed I ruined my life and credit or just plain can’t take it together.Which I didn’t care as usual as long as I am focused on making sure these two deadly forces stop suppressing our Black people.

Due to my actions and constant actions they began to instill change within every New York Shelters and substituted DHS specialists instead of Police to handle homeless people especially black people.

“There are sometimes where you will have to be in it to change it.It made not be comfortable for you but it is definitely comfortable for others which is worth the risk taken for Blacklivesmatter.”Sdwjr

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