I was at Panera bread getting my coding done as an Activist and I noticed my black brother who works as an informant passing by and he was sending a signal to his black brother about what white people fear and he thinks his should know.

Most of us who studied White people and their fears of black men,we know very well those images above are their most fearful images.We have heard time over time how they fear black men who looks like those images.

I can record a White person who was telling a black individual some of his deep fear about black men dressing like thugs.I was deeply confused by what he stated and thought it bias and racist.

We have also heard President Trump calling black people thugs because of their behavior and appearances.White people will always present what they fear a lot and for them to think that everyone fears black men.I considered it to be insane.But That is how they think,and therefore they want everyone to think and it as that.

I lived in New York as a Journalist and Activist,and I will tell anyone that it a culture for White people to use black men and women to put fear in other people who are black.Asked me how I know,I will tell you from personal experiences was used to have my own Black people tail me everywhere.

One of the reason made have to do with Instagram called Friendzofculture is used to educate black,brown and foreigners to behavior of those who professed to be non violent toward anyone especially black men.

They are striving to put their insecurities and fears on each and everyone of us.Knowing that Black men are their greatest fears will continue to be where our concentrations will always be.Standing with our black men always regardless.

“Like to look at my black brothers,I get to steal a piece of fashion or a piece of style and use it.They’ve to stay relevant because of what they do for a living.”Sdwjr #FOC

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