Dr.Sdwjr -Black Minddset

I can vividly recalled my grandfather standing by the edge of the river telling me,as a youngster to be vigilant and awake to the importance of our heritage.He had said this so many times to the point that I could literally quote those exact words as he said them.

Anyone who from a foreign background or got parents who came from that background can relate as to why their parent put more emphasis on their mind about their culture worth.I assumed it is a common practice done among foreigner parents.That is my assumption or my experienced.

As we all have known or once stated ourselves that mind is the most dangerous thing lose.Let add my own version to the profound meaning,the mind is too pack with important informations like heritage or worth.Losing it completely is erasing your worth completely.

As I became an adult,and retrospectively looking back on all those many conversations, I had with my grandfather,and looking at the present world struggle on culture orientation or race.It makes total sense why he had to educate my young mind as meaning my mind’s worth.He was strengthening it.

I traveled to a part of Georgia as part of my journalism or activism requirements and along with others to investigate one important fact from Slavery in the South.One important truth that I gathered from those Slave Masters was the manipulation or destruction of the black man’s mind.

One profound evidence that is probably still a proven fact today is the misrepresentation of who Black Americans really are and who they became after America claimed slavery was abolished in the South.Blacks were mind erased of who they were and introduced to who they’re from White Slaves which is a wrong damage imagery they got out of being slavery for many,many,and many years.

I read one disturbing piece of truth that White Slave Master would beat those blacks without a cost but we know their most single reason was they didn’t like their color, which was a probable cost or justified reason to physically beat them.A Similar situation like this happen with the children of Israel by those Egyptians.

Those Black who were Slaves didn’t bothered of concern themselves to fight back at their White Slave masters when they were beaten unnecessarily,and the reason had to do with their minds staying protected and not allow the negative outside influence ruining their precious most important worth which is their mind.Their minds kept them all United and supportive of one another.

Those slaves believed An untouched mind is a beautiful wine.To fast forward,their White Slave Master noticed the physical abused was not yielding a great deal result so they decided to attacked their minds which is a breaking point of any person who isn’t mentally secured.

We all know how that ended,they began killing black fathers before their wives and children which I believed is the cruelest curse that still hunts those White Slave Masters.Those also took many of those black Slavers and turned them against themselves.The worst I can recalled or read was psychology image degradation.The effect has Blacks in America believing that to be hateful of yourself and another is normal.

But written truth is this,loving your is others is normal. “A protective mind is A selective mind that is never or easily persuade or damage.”SDWJR………One my favorite player stated, “My mind is too strong.” LeBron

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