Crackdown on NYPD 24/7.Strategies for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Profile – How it works!

We have been using these strategies for almost five(5) years, and it has greatly improved parts of the three (3) of the five (5)boroughs that many called the racist boroughs. One particular borough of the five is Queens, and it is usually labelled as the worst place to live and drive.

With in Queens,Those white NYPDs were out to get those who were African Americans and also those who were black foreigners.There were a lot of illegal stop, searches, profiling and discrimination by the White NYPD, who didn’t like the fact that there were many foreigners within Queens,especially on Jamaica Ave.

Over the past five years,it has been reduce since we implemented the 24/7 White NYPD CRACKDOWN. Many residents and travelers have noticed a huge change and we are creating a presence off and on every single day. We expect this to eventually become a system that holds White NYPD account like that of the Muslim communities in New York.

Unfortunately, many factors still give extreme rise to discrimination in the modern America, including people’s ethnic, national or social origins, their religion, language, gender. Forms of discriminations based on claims of ‘race’, i.e. racism, remain among the most widespread today.

Now that immigrations have made our societies more multicultural, the risks of discrimination have also increased.Specific legal practices have been adopted in an effort to promote these values of racism.Fighting racism and all forms of discriminations throughout America is one of Activist’s priorities.

First, when strategies meant to improve our relations to act in accordance with new awareness and knowledge,Most of  the whites and white NYPD are not as competent as they need to be in their interactions with African American people they perceive to be culturally different.

Since it seems like discrimination and profiling is the norm among the NYPD we’ve developed a strategy to visit all their posts spots and photographic related Undercover cars with their plates. We post these photos online like Facebook, instagram, twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest  with a hashtag with a detail information of the location.

Consequently, we proceed to record officers as we see them, and it could be them standing on the corner of the street, in their squad cars, and interacting with the community. We also proceed to ask them specific questions that has to do with their descriptions, and how they continually kill African Americans. #RIPEricGarner #AllLivesMatter #Sh*tHasToChange #Now.”






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