Don’t Blame those Killers! Blame those Organizers.


Almost every black individuals will admit to an extend by saying F these dumb White police.What I have heard from most of the blacks and color people,I can’t say it all because it is nothing good they’ve to say.I don’t take any offense because these White officers behavior is outrageous.

There is some thing in the police union or police force that many of from the outside don’t really know about.It is called the blue silence.Every or almost all police officers do adhere to this code.It is extremely impossible for any police officer to violate of this code.It protects them

Do I considered all Police or White Police as racist or hateful to blacks or color people.I can’t say they all are but what I will is this,they live and breathe that blue code.It is like the Holy Bible to them.They rather violate people then violate the blue code.

How many times have we noticed or heard the police union defend an officer who intentionally killed a person of color.Some of us can affirm to many certain incidents like the George Floyd situation where other police others watch a black man died.

And the MPLS has the mind to try and justify the killing and even those officers who were there tried to cover up for the officer Derek Chauvin.They’re to stand by one another according to the blue code.It is really sad but that’s the real reality.

We can blame those officers because they committed the crime but what we don’t normally and we should is go after the organizers(POLICE DEPARTMENT) who tells these Police officers that loyalty to the Police force is more important than loyalty to civilians or citizens.Once we do that we start implementation that leads to change the change we want.

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