Everything I have today is totally by God’s grace.A life that gives him glory.

6E6A4B49-58E6-4DFD-9FC4-4222D2A29CE1“You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover.”

If you haven’t heard or read this quote for yourself,I say live a little longer and you will know.I kind of believe at first that it wasn’t possible to judge a book by its cover if you haven’t read the book.But with the increase of technology,I believe we can judge a book by its cover.
Wait! I just said we can judge a book by its cover? Wow!

Thank You Lord for Your grace in my life and all Your good gifts in my life. Lord, I have nothing good apart from You. God, I want to work hard for you and you alone. I pray for my brothers and sisters  and others who are praying with me now. God, help us to work hard today by Your grace. Help us to work hard to live a life that glorify You in all the places we go and all the things we do. Help us to diligently honor you. Help us to make known your glorify through us. Help us to fight against the temptation of sin. Help us to share the gospel boldly, and making Godly disciples, building up Your kingdom, glorifying Your name to the world , working hard for Your glory to made known to all and whatever we today made it bring you glory as always.

I picture Paul getting up at the hour of the morning, and before he finally gets out of bed, he exclaims, “Everything I am as of today is all belongs to God’s grace; therefore God, by trusting in his grace even today, I asked more of his grace in Jesus name. We can’t do anything today apart from his grace. We should earnestly take heed of his grace, and God, by Your grace,  and strengthen, and guidance I am alive in you.By Your grace, Lord, by Your mercies , I don’t deserve Your love, Your faithfulness and provision in my life. I am dependent on Your grace  every single today.”

Whenever I take a look at Paul’s daily life of prayer,I realized a Man of a God who truly had deep knowledge and relationship with God through prayer.He also approaches his lifestyle in Hard work by pursuing holiness, pursuing righteousness, sharing the Gospel, working with the gifts God has given him. He works hard all single day and when he goes back to his place of rest in his bed at night, and reflect back through all he has done through day he gave God the glory.

Paul can say, “It was all grace. Everything I did today was by grace. Everything was by his grace. By the grace of God, I am what I am,”That is the attitude we must have every single day.

According to radical net.com, we should put that perspective into practice in your life. Like what a way to approach the day, to rise in the morning and say, “God, I am what I am today only by Your grace, and I need Your grace all day long,” and then go throughout your day dependent on God’s grace, looking to God for grace, praying for grace, meaning praying for help in this way or that way, for strength in this way or way, for wisdom in this way or that way and on and on and on and on. Then get to the end of the day, and as you’ve worked hard, and by God’s grace, fruit has come, then lay down on the bed and realize it was all because of Christ.

God, we praise you for Your grace in our lives. I praise You for your grace in my life. God, I shudder to think of where I would be apart from your grace. There’s no way I’d be where I am right now, like even just experiencing Your salvation. I deserve to be in hell right now. I praise You for Your grace in my life. God, you’re so gracious to me. I just think of… I could spend hours, days just listing all the ways You have been gracious to me. You’ve saved me from my sin and myself, not just ultimately, but in circumstance after circumstance, day after day, week after week.



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