A Newly constructed train station in St.Paul,Minneapolis,a young man who had just about everything falling in the right places,was out enjoying himself,and decided to take the train rather than driving his car.

While that may have been a great idea it became a flashlight of life disappeared and body clamped together.Return of life was noticed when a Paramedics entered the flipped train and asked him if he was ok.His respond was,I am ok.But noticed the train drive off the track into a ditch.Light everywhere and people standing everywhere watching what had happened.

A direct request to him,from a doctor,sir!Sir! Are you ok.His response was I am ok.Paramedic proceed to evaluate him regardless and they found nothing run but everyone else on board was hurt and bleeding except him.They kept asking him if he needs special escort to the hospital.His turned answer was, “They might be more thirsty than I.Give then the water.I am not thirsty.”

What a worst thing to ever say to medical professionals who looking for a conscious respond in a conscious way.His answered stirred those paramedics. “We didn’t give him anything y to drink and not anyone off this train so where did he get that water thinking from?”They said

Next thing I heard was do you want a bottle of water.I said no.I walked from there untouched and I could record for a week I had visitors from the State checking and doctors calling to check on me.News couldn’t stop running that incident.It was a week long talk and I got tire of I t.

Weeks have gone and I got back as usual and park my car and got on public transportation and the driver lost control and got into an accident which cost me my legs.I could record a doctor telling me I wouldn’t be able to walk.Well,I remembered telling him that it was my time to travel and speak to the world.He said, “Take this walker along with you because cause you will need it for the rest of your life.”

Lawyers calling,State calling and calls kept coming.I stop responding and as time when on I was off the walker without a rehab.From those incidents I knew that my life had purpose and I was and will be untouchable as long as I keep speaking life,and God has been with me since.

What people are afraid to say or do and stand for I am not. As long as I am still speaking life in the midst of chao my life is secure.Once I stop my life isn’t secure.Today I am still speaking and influencing and changing lives in the midst of chaos.

“If you don’t stop speaking against us,we will take your life away with ax gun pointed.We are serious.”said NYPD …

Well,I said, “Will you stop speaking if your life is conditioned upon that or will you keep speaking.If I stop I be dead if I keep speaking I am alive.I will never stop! They’ve try tarnish and bad talk me but I am still prosperous and still speaking.

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