Grand mother love is a strange love that keeps showing up When I least expect.


Written by Sdwjr

“Love is a beautiful thing that Life designed for us to share and enjoy.”

I opened my eyes in the arms of a old lady that I called love in a cold enclosed, heated and dark place without a ventilation.I grew up basically with this beautiful old woman without knowing who my real parents were which made it another problem in my life.She always mentioned that love is a beautiful thing that God designed for us to share and enjoy. It was told to me as child,and eventually I started to recite those words without even knowing the real meaning of it.But I believed every words and felt every word from her to me.

As I became an older teenager,I began to break out of the shadow of this life and toward the real succumb that everyone who lives long enough will have an experience that is good or bad.From an enclose, heated and dark place to a open, breezy and  crowded place.Where everyone strives to become someone, the norm of our lives.

Now, I am within my earlier twenty away from home after graduation in a city that I don’t know anybody that could help me if I needed help or in trouble and need to get away.My safety net is million miles away. Even if I could have it here it wouldn’t  want to be here.But the quote from grand mother is my only hope of reality.

over six month,I befriended a total stranger out of the blue, how did that happened, I can’t explained but it happened.We met under a serious circumstance that I couldn’t  understand, and how they survive I don’t know either.I don’t have any healthcare experience but I was like an EMT on the scene without  the necessary equipments but I had the love that my grand mother shared with me as a child all through my life and I shared  that love with someone other than myself.

Periodically,I will check on them to see how they were feeling and how close are they to returning to normal life.On a certain day my phone rang and I picked it up, they told me thanks for sharing the love from my grand mother.I  surprised and also quiet as they mentioned my grand mother.I said do you know  my grand mother? They said “No, but we read the quote that she shared with you as a child.You left it here when you came back the last time.”

I smiled and said you’re welcome and I looked up to heaven and said, thank you grand mother for sharing the love that God gave you.A strange love that keeps showing up through me when I least expect.

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