How About Your Admit Your Don’t Get It So We Can Help Your Get It.

“These White Police are heartless asshole in uniform.”Chris Tucker

Many of us can retrospect on event after events and say this killing could’ve been prevented or it shouldn’t have happened at all.Some of us have catch ourselves saying, “These DUMB ASSES will not stop killing Black People.” If you haven’t said these words,I asked you to pray for the brother, I have said it quite so often to the point it has become a believe that White Police are the DUMBest Police in Uniform..

I can still record a conversation I had with few White Police Officers who justified the recent shooting in Philadelphia involving a mental ill Black individual by the name of Walter Wallace Jr., who the authorities said had a knife.

I was head in a direction that happened to be the direction that they were talking to the Pastor,who happened to be distributing food to the community.Our conversations started when I got off my car to greet the Pastor they knew and I knew as well.

I greeted the Pastor with everyone surrounding him,but I realized those White officers was extremely silent I mean dead beat on us,and I asked the Pastor,if he did watched the killing of Walter Wallace by two white officers.He said,no but I will.I said please watch it and be careful with these White Officers.

I guess those White Officers felt guilty and responded to my comment by saying, “You’re an Activist speaking for people rights and safety,will you allowed anyone to charge at you with a knife without you doing anything?” I said absolutely not. But I wouldn’t killed the person even and after I have known their conditions.To be earnest,I will run off which is a pretty sensible first self defense training taught to everyone from home. I will use it rather then taking his life.

All I could hear after my respond was I don’t get it,I don’t get it.I said how about you admit your don’t get it so we can help your get it.I got in my car and left.Think about how many Black families who saying the same exact thing I am saying, “How about your admit your don’t get it so we can help your get it.”

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