How dare can we not rally for the best interest of the massive.Stop the Violators!!


Here I come in as an human right activist on the scene and demanding and shifting the minds of the black and color people in New York City who are constantly affected by White police brutality on a regular basis.I didn’t moved to New York City to become an activist,instead I came to do other things that has to do with Ministry.But as I began to travel across this city,and see what was happening I had no choice but standalone side and stand up and be the voice for many who were afraid to speak up.

“I did a research on the number of killing done by black police officers vs white police officers, and what I realized to be the fair difference,made me to centralized my focus on White police officers.” Those statistics have really been good to me,and it has helped to enable me to better concentrate mostly on White people officers.Base on those analysis and studied I’ve done over the many years,it has propelled me to narrow my focus on one group of police officers.

Well,many have told me that it was a risk on my part to single out just one group of police officers.Many told me that I would be label and black ball across New York,and other States as well.Infact, they’re right,I have been black balled and labeled.If you asked me if I know what the labels are,I don’t know but I hope it says,”HE HATES WHITE POLICE OFFICERS AND CERTAIN WHITE PEOPLE AS WELL AS KKK.” Earnestly, I really don’t care what the label has to say about me but what I will say is this it means my influence is felt.

There have been times where I will walk in public businesses and they’ll stare at me like I am a most wanted celebrity,and once I approach the counter to make my purchase I give this smoothies greetings and service that I’ve never gotten before.and it all because I made this moved to New York and began speaking against White police officer.

I’ve been told my tone and attitude should be LOWER,and I must not get to excited but be calm and express myself.Those who always have a problem with my expressions are the White police officers,and white people who knows I will not back done from calling them the magic word “REDNECK” especially when I am addressing racist practices, and behaviors that has occurred as result of White police officers ill-treatment.Do I want to see White People officers and black or color people getting along and built a great relationship,my answer will be no and definitely impossible.These people have cost a lot of damages that can’t be easily ignored by their victims and others who have watched their operations.

From this point moving forward, it is going to get worst and worst as time goes on in this country between Police and people of color.Especially at a time where there are growing numbers of hatred toward Police officers, particularly toward White officers. Polices have built a image that will forever hunt them and follow them. There will never be a time in this country where Police and the community will ever get along or let say where the community will be able to trust the police.There have been too many miscues and unwanted killing that when it is looked upon, it doesn’t warrant or merit any kind of trust from the public,especially from the black and color people.

How many times have they watched these repeated killings and unwanted beaten done to black people by white police officers across this country, and nothing has been done to resolve the problem.At this point it is obvious that the White police officers have not been held accountable by the law or by the department.Therefore,the people are standing up for themselves and demanding justice.Within this city alone we have seen countless numbers of violent done by White police officers,and it has gone unnoticed or unresolved. In fact, we can’t compare cases that hasn’t been resolved and there are still many unresolved cases that hasn’t been disclosed to the public but the public knows about it.


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