White people will never do anything until it affects their livelihood and most importantly their privacy aka Safety. If it doesn’t affect that aspect, they don’t care  what you say or do and if you want to rally, scream, writing negative stuff and hit the street with strike flag. They will go right ahead and when you tire let us know.

Nonesense! As they like to called anyone who don’t know how to make them do something.They will call your lack of knowing as ignorant and a complete waste of time, money, and energy.

Therefore, I say play it smart by exposing their livelihoods and privacy, as I like say, invade their secret places with a message that immediately get their attention. White people are extremely private, and if you want them to do something, I suggest you invade their that privacy. How do you do that my recording their every moves, and traveling into their neighborhoods and streets recording their homes and entertainment spots.

Don’t ever make this mistake like rally, strike, march or group parade of any kind, it makes the White people to feel like they’re powerful to the point that you’ve to organized all people.

I say leave to in the past for Dr.Martin Luther King. Those stuffs today don’t to enforce the type of change you want and beside it is a total waste of financial resource.White people feed off of that nonesense and you’re that person who wants them to breast feed off you time. Stuff like that makes them to say ” we really that powerful?”

I suggest never to go that route and save that money for raining days. Never spend your time and energy on rally, strike, march or group parade. They’re a complete waste of time, too much time and long preparation with less results.

I say hit their privacies as often as you can with a camera and other recordable device as consistently as possible. They hate people keeping eyes on them, and they don’t like to be a camera. With all that knowledge,That’s how you make them do stuff!


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