What Do They Called Angry White Men In New York(SDWJR.blog)

Just thinking about writing this is a direct indication that there is a soft tissue between their splits buttock that everyone is describing as Angry White men.

They are extremely sensitive which makes many to question their overall psychological endurance when dealing with real compound problem as black and brown people.

These people think it is never a problem to be personally racist without disclosing it.You can be as long as it is done at the comfort of your home with similar minded people.

President Trump is a projector of what a real Angry White Man perception of others who aren’t his.These people think they are better than everyone else and I don’t know where that self claimed come from but that’s the egoistic ways of them,if you know know what I mean.

Anyone who shows any kind of displeasure toward them they become a racist or an enemy and many black leaders didn’t mind that.I think it is stupid.But everyone knows that they hate to be criticized,therefore they’re surrendered with fake people who boost their egos.

I don’t think White men are weak emotionally but their desired to be upheld by everyone makes them look extremely weak emotionally.I am writing this from experienced and still doing more researches as I’ve called White Men Angry men on my social media,public and in between.

I am getting the reactions and more.I would like to get your view on this topic.Also school us with more, we will appreciate it.

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