How to Survive a White Police Encounter,especially who is racist and hates black people

Well, here are some tips that may just save your life. If, and only if, the officer just doesn’t feel like shooting you.

1. Be White. Really hard for officers to shoot White people. They make creative and creepy criminals but terrible targets.


2. Be a White man.



3. Be a White man with a gun

4. Be a White man with a gun and an attitude

5. Be a White man with a gun and an attitude and on drugs and verbally and/or physically attack the officer who is questioning you

6. Try your best to not appear Black. It is clear now that black men and women are literally targets and as such are in danger.

7. Do not appear Black & unarmed. If you are unarmed, a weapon will be provided to you upon your demise.

8. Do not run away, or towards, or stand still. All of these moves can (and will) be made threatening which will result in the officer protecting him or herself from your movement (or lack of movement) and get you killed

9. Acquire Freedom Paper. I know it’s not 1860 and these can be hard to come by, but you do need something that says, “Hey! it’s cool for me to be here.”

10. Try offering to shoot yourself. Take the inevitability of being shot into your own hands. You are much less likely to kill yourself than a police officer. Yes, this seems crazy, but at this point, it might throw the officer off and allow you to leave with the flesh wound of your choice.

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