How you are NO LONGER a fear to yourself and others

This question has hunted many through their entire lives and they will constantly look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves,” Why am I ashamed to separate myself from the people of the world,I might be in fear or have a low self esteem,I will rather struggle in the world then let go and stand up for my faith.” There are many who are struggling with this question and the decision that follows it.I had to rethink some of those conversations I had with some of those people,and the advise I gave them and how they reacted once it was said.I can record saying,”Ashamed of your faith can damage your faith.”.Someone asked me this question,”Pastor,I might be struggling with real peace in God because I am ashamed and have a low self esteem to walk away the world”.I felt insulted and offended by those words and I told them how can you be that judgmental of yourself,when you’re No longer a slave to fear and sin,you’re a child of God.I suggest you speak and begin to act like one. She turned to me and said,” I appreciate you for telling me the truth about who I am really suppose to be and think.I am the child of God and I must always profess it.I told them to clear up and quit judging who they’re in the God.

Do we have low self esteem? and obviously the respond will be no but for some it would be the opposite.What we forgot to process or digest and it goes to alot of us today.The question was intended for our inner being where everything exist.The question wasn’t for the outer part of us.Our outer parts have had the best of everything,including some memory fun but our inner part haven’t experience and probably will not experience ¬†close to what is outside.
Which brings us back to the question,If we still struggling in the world then we got a low self esteem to walk away from it..How many of us still experiencing brokenness,hurts,constant distress,loneliness,sadness,rejection,condemnation, sickness,etc.The list continues from here on but we still refused to recognize our low self esteem to walk away.There are most of us who truly struggling in both places of life and we pretending like everything is fine,when every isn’t fine but we ashamed.Some of us might have it going fine externally but internally we might be struggling with slowly without a clue.

It amazed me how we allowed the flow of different people in and out of our lives everyday but can’t recognized the problem is from lack of self esteem.
The fact that we can’t walk away from the misery and abuse we receive from the devil,it tells me there is a problem of lack of self esteem as a child of God.We will rather allow our lives to be control miserably like we don’t know the Power of the cross.I was in the same position where I thought everything was fine with me and going well for me.If this people had not told me they had a low self esteem issue, I probably wouldn’t have known I had to make a life change.What I want to suggest to someone today and I hope it ministers to them,If we’re not serving God,we have a low self esteem.We can take it however way we like but that’s the fact.Until we recognized it and make a change out lives will always be a constant struggle from low self esteem,and we don’t want a life that is debatable all the time.The intend of SATAN is to steal,and if it requires our self esteem he will go after it.

Once he has us in that position than he got us there for a long time and some times even for life.Today, I want to offered us a way of escape which is the blood of Jesus Christ. It brings back our SELF ESTEEM and makes us the child of God, he made us to be. If you can repeat these words after me,God is going to come inside of us and begin a reconstruction and restoration of his presence in our lives. Ready, let repeat these words, “I am a sinner,and I confess all my sins and I ask you to change my life and be the Lord of my life.I recognized that Christ came and died for my sins.In Jesus name I pray.” I recommend that you find people of like faith and a church where CHRIST is preach,and talk with people about the things of God….You can follow me on GOD BLESS! Christ is King #FOC



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