On July 16,2019 in the morning I texted my girlfriend by saying good morning, and you know how that conversation goes. She responded with the hashtag of love bunnies and exclamation marks of love. She said, “Good morning, baby! I love you!!!!!!!!!”

She and I started texting about something that we will do for the day and other pending things that we must do that we didn’t have time to do. As she was explaining to me what we will be doing since we haven’t start it already, she mentioned the word,”NOTHING!!”

I said, “I like that word, Nothing.” She said, “What you mean you like the word,Nothing? I said I really been looking a word that stands out and NOTHING is that word. As I kept going on and on with how I like the word NOTHING, she ┬ákept quiet and didn’t say a word.

As a creative individual, once I heard the word, NOTHING! It gave me a new sense of meaning let a breathe of fresh air.The world was created out of NOTHING! I create stuff out of NOTHING, and I said to myself from NOTHING to SOMETHING!

She got off the phone! One thing I do admire about her,She has a lot of ideas, and it comes out when I create drama. I do it went I am searching for ideas about something.


A man shouldn’t start a drama with a woman if he’s not creative. A woman shouldn’t talk down at her man if she knows he isn’t creative. It kills his self esteem, and he’s outside.

Listen! If she talks down at a man who is a creative, he approaches it from his creative mind and feeds on it like it didn’t matter.

One example, from the Bible, King David’s wife talked down at him as he was celebrating the arrival of God (ARK) with or without clothes on. It didn’t stop him. He fed on that and dance even more than before she spoke. If you know your man better you know what moves him and what don’t move him.

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