I Was Forced Into Prostitution and Sex Trafficking At Age 15

84447C87-F30C-4A24-BCC7-1BCB06A53CF4“I was around the age of 15 with a smaller  waist, phat ass,36C size breast,cute face and model leg.I was called,”DAMN CUTE”.I love it because it made me feel good about myself. Most older  and younger  men would stop and try to get my attention.They would say,” I will offered to buy you anything if you be my girl.” Some even told me they will take care of me if I give them some of my goodies.It made me smile and laugh out my heart. I had younger boys doing same exact thing at school like I was the only bad chick with all this good stuff.I know I was fine because I am fine,ok!(Lol)

I joined  the beauty passion competition and I won.I got on the cheerleading team and I became the team leader.I also ran for different positions at school and I won every time.People was encouraging me to run for miss universe one day in the future.It was all just due to my freaky beauty.Through it all,I was innocent and unaware of the world that I travelled  everyday and the people that engaged  me everyday.I was shelter for a certain period of my life by my both parents.Who died when I was turn 15 yrs old.They both died in a car crash while coming from a wedding.I wouldn’t lie it took a serious damage on my life and it changed my life forever.

Immediately,I was bounce around from aunties to uncles and finally on my own.Before, I made it on my own,I stay in a foster home for a little bit and didn’t like how those foster parents treated me.I left and got a job at Macdonald, and stay continue my education.While I was working at Macdonald, a customer came in and said to me,”You shouldn’t be working here.You can be making a lot of money doing something else.” I kinda of brush him off and said,”I heard those words before and it never works.” One Friday I was coming from work and awaiting the bus,I saw this same customer driving in my direction.He pulled and asked if I needed a ride and I said,no! He said,”Did you think about that I told you? I said no.He said,”If you talking to me then you should ride with me.”I got in his car.

He dropped me off and give me 5K without me doing anything for it.He said,”Think about it and if you really down then hit me up.” I got his business number. As I got home, my friend’s parent told me that they were issue an eviction notice to be out in the next week and I didn’t know where I will be staying after that week.I was too young to get my own apartment and I don’t know if my friend’s parents will want me staying with them after this whole eviction stuff.I had a big decision on my hand.My friend told me they might be moving far away from the city since it is cheaper, and I know I can’t because my school and job is Within the city.

While I was walking to work after school,I took the business card from my bag and text the number saying,”I need a real help and if he can co-signed for me to get an apartment.” He texted back saying,”You don’t need to pay for an apartment,I will let you stay in my extra room and pay me $300 bucks monthly.I was a little uncomfortable but at the same time I was excited to have a place to live.I move in after a week and it was kind of cool and quiet for the most part because I was always at school and work.He respected my privacy and I did the same as well.

One afternoon I decided to come home instead of going to hangout after class.While I was in my room,I heard a noise of females in the living room laughing and drinking and money everywhere.I watched them from the partial open door.I kept quiet because it was very usual to hear that much noise.The apartment has always been quiet for the most part.I heard females talking about things they did to get the money and what happened  and how they played it off after the encounter.I listened very well to all their conversations, and after a little silent I opened the door.They were surprised to know I was in the room.They were like,”Oh!We didn’t know you were listening  to our girls talk.” I said no worries, I am a girl too. We all laugh it out.

After few months they were my friends.They will take me out and they will give me money and buy me clothes.I was committed to keeping my purity until I get married as I promised my beloved parents.Moreover,I wanted to finish college and compete for miss universe one day.But all those dreams came to a close one dark night while I was sleeping alone in my bedroom.I heard a knock on my door and when I open the door,I was grabbed and sexually assault like a BITCH who has no self worth.I lost my virginity to a total nobody who didn’t deserve my body.I couldn’t scream and couldn’t do thing because nobody cares and couldn’t help.He told me now you’re one of my girls  who will do what I say and go where I send you.

I record remember saying to him that I had no choice and I am willing to do whatever to survive. From that point on my entire life was never the same.He told  me my job was to rescue other females.My new name was called the TOP BITCH.I actually did not know what ‘human trafficking was until it happened to me. He told me,”Most people who buy sex are those that have disposable income; they tend to be white men that are married that have an education.”

In 2016 alone, the National Human Trafficking Hotline reported 7,572 human trafficking cases, with 5,551 of these cases being sexual trafficking cases.According to the FBI, 40 percent of victims of sex trafficking are African-Americans, with that number being significantly larger in the major metropolitan areas. “Compared with other segments of the population, victimization rates for African American children and youths are even higher,” the National Center for Victims of Crime reports.

Our Black youths ages 12 to 19 are victims of violent crime at significantly higher rates than their white peers. Black youths are three times more likely to be victims of reported child abuse or neglect, three times more likely to be victims of robbery and five times more likely to be victims of homicide. A 59 percent of all juvenile prostitution arrests involve African-Americans. Our law enforcers are more likely to see a Black sex trafficking victim as a prostitute and not as someone needing rescue.

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