The first thing you hear from those who are accustomed to living a loyalty compromised lifestyle is we got this over here under control and we don’t need to make any changes; moreover, we didn’t setup it up, but we like it.

Do you think those who set it up got your best interest? You say it was like that and you like it.Well, it was setup for you to like enough to fail and if you ok with failure then be the main character of their movies.Stop being too concerned about who I am or what I think I am coming here and telling black Americans what they must do.

Your claimed I should stop messing with your content lifestyle and stop calling out these people who really got your more than your got ourselves as blacks.I hear your tell me,why must we turned against these people who been feeding us all our lives and our children as well.They’re our real family more than our own black family.

Everything we are today is from them.We will not have anything if it wasn’t because of them.So therefore our loyalty is with them.Stop! Please stop! You messing up our bread out here by acting like you better than us, like you know what best for us, like you got our best interest,turning the people who cares for us against us.

Ok,let me boldly say this and I let your die on your own , “Do you know that those people livelihood is determined by your and they need your more than your earnestly need them?“ They used your to do their dirty deeds such as snitching or telling on one another. They called it the NEW IEP.A process that means everyone of you are one step to be dead or stay struggling forever.

Disclosing anyone’s personal plan to anyone is a complete vulnerability that will shut them down completely.You been doing this for many years for them.Now,tell me what has changed because what I am seeing is just the same old same old.You stay in stagnate places with your children or children staying in stagnate places with their children.While the people you working for arev flourishing but you living in one of those places where you barely making enough to get over.

Take your anger on these people who treating you sideways like a model slave, instead you want to take it on your own people.You quick to snitch on your own because you don’t want them ahead of you.Who made you do such an evil thing? I bet these people you called got your back.

I say channel it to those who got your suffering and not to your own black people or me.We didn’t get your in that mess but yourselves.Just trying to help your see your real problem.

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