Keep Promoting that White Trash,we’re heading for destruction

This truthfully is for everyone who wants to accept change.”Sdwjr

Will you agree that the truth offends? If you say it doesn’t,I will want to know why,and for those of us, who thinks it offends,were absolutely correct.Before I dive into why I believe it offends,I will like to address those White folks who have twisted the gospel, why have you cause many their souls,and many enemies of the Christian faith.Have we ask ourselves why the Muslims and other cults hates the Christian faith today? If you’ve wondered,it is because the White folks twisted the entire HOLY BIBLE to suit their comfortable lifestyles.The White folks thinks the gospel doesn’t offend and shouldn’t offend,and infact if it offends it’s God’s word.This type of believes have watered down the gospel til most Black Churches are preaching the very same message.They say it doesn’t offend,and if it does offend,then it’s not the gospel.

Well,if it didn’t offend people,Jesus wouldn’t have been persecuted as far as the Bible is concern. The White’s gospel is a total trash.I will give you few biblical references as to why I say what I believe.The gospel clearly offends and it’s proven in scriptures and Jesus was asked if he knew it did and he acknowledged it offends.There are people who preaches the White’s trash in our churches,and millions are convince that it doesn’t offend.Let me share some of the stupidity I’ve  heard from those who preaching the White’s trash today.

I know you’ve heard this word before,and if you’ve not,I’ve it in bold letters, CAN WE GET ALONE WITHOUT OFFENDING EACH OTHER?Humanly it is nearly impossible for everyone to get alone without offending another.Well,in our society people are taught to get along with everybody.Don’t rock the boat, don’t stir up trouble and let us all please get alone.We are told that we shouldn’t say anything that might offend someone in some way or the other.Just don’t offend anybody,pls!! That we shouldn’t preach or teach anything that might offend someone in some way or another.Is that’s the gospel of Jesus?.Don’t preach or teach against people practicing false religious.We shouldn’t be earnest with people cause it will hurt someone feelings .

Following these types of teaching from these White folks will get you kill and send you straight to hell.I am not surprise why alot White teenagers question Christianity,and their relationship with God.Don’t offend nobody as a Christian isn’t possible,and as much as it sounds good,it isn’t what Jesus Christ preached as the gospel.

“The most unloved group of people on the face of this earth is the White people.They grow up not genuinely expose to true love.They make others to believe they’re about love but in actuality they’re hateful to one another.It is sad but that is earnest truth.”

You will come to understand why they teach the gospel to not offend anyone.They want to be love and accepted.But it is the wrong way they go about with it.I want you sit tight with me,as I am between breakfast and planning Ministry functions.So the question is this, Jesus messaged offended those he came in contact with on earth? Yes.Why were they offended? Let’s look at the Greek word Offend,It means skandalizo to stumble,sin or cause take a look at what Jesus says on this.Matthew 13:54,Luke 4:21,Matthew 13:57…I am giving you these scriptures as proof that is does offend so read it for yourself.

Since offend means stumble,sin and displeasure,The truth cost people displeasure and make folks harden their hearts.One of the reason I opposed the White’s Knowledge of the Bible,it says speak the truth in love and don’t offend,but the gospel is offensive.You try to say it slowly as you can,if it spoken with as Jesus said it,it will cause a stir of negative reaction.There is no way we can speak the truth in love and it don’t offend.”Im 100% positive that the gospel offends b/c it points out where we stumble,sin and areas of displeasure in our lives that we don’t want to change.”

The QUOTE “The reason we don’t believe the gospel should offend people b/c we too religious ourselves.”Dr.Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr.

I heard a Pastor who stated he just wants to show people love.I said, “Do you’ve a greater love than Jesus?” He kept quiet.His love for people can’t be measure or compare.What is really sad today,when we hear the gospel that offends and require us to change, we leave the church and hate the Pastor.
Infact we tend to go else  where to get our ears tickles.I mentioned this on my Street outreach in California.I want everyone to grab this QUOTE.It exposed a deep truth among us.
No where the in BIBLE that sinners got offended by Jesus teaching,except those Pharisees who were religious like most of us.Back to my point earlier in the morning, I stated Jesus message did offend,and since it did,why are we ashamed to be bold with his truth. The gospel exposes our inconsistency,sins and make us displease with our lives.The sole purpose of the gospel is for us to get it right.
The sole intend isn’t to make us comfortable in our stumble messes,sins and displeasures.That’s the White’s gospel,and that’s not the Jesus’s gospel.Let’s take a direct look at some of Jesus’s expression in scriptures.Matthew 15:1_12.Jesus exposed the Pharisees and called them HYPOCRITES.The gospel causes people to re-evaluate their lives,and things that causes them to stumble, snd sin.Nobody wants to be expose to that message of the gospel.
So We’ve developed displeasure b/c we don’t want  to change our lives,and we cave into the White’s trash gospel called “Don’t Offend anyone.”
The gospel offends cause it corrects us in a way that we do feel offended.
*Thank God for the knowledge and understanding,and made this message so I a change we need in our lives right now in Jesus name.Amen!


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