Amazing,I like to question the Status Quo of most things,like I do with words or certain expressions that people used.I am someone who speaks many languages;therefore,it is obvious that I am curious or investigative(if that’s word) to things around me.

If you live too long or stay too around anything you eventually become that thing or apart of it.I have heard the expression used by few White friends of mine years ago that meant to FINESE.Pretend or go along with process like you with it but actually you not or just for benefit.

I thought it was amazing to me.The word FINESE is a unique word and the pronunciation as well.I was blow away as if I just won a power ball.To be Arendt,I was in total surprise,and these guys laid it on me like there was no comeback for me.

Finese or kill them with kindness in relationship to what had happened in term of slavery and suppression of Black People in this country by Whites.I couldn’t imagine killing anyone with kindness just to get my way or things I need done.

I believed there are real White who behaves like I will.They aren’t pretending to like certain things or someone just to use them for their own profit or benefit.I believed that strongly not all White People are like that.I know it for a fact.I got real White friends I know all my life

For the rest who thinks killing anyone with kindness is the right life to live.I say keep it up and eventually you will reap the outcome somewhere in life.I still don’t get why will anyone kill with kindness went all they have to do is stop being involve.I guessed people lack consciousness.

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