Unarmed Black Pastor ‘Aggressive’ Shot By White Texas Police Officer Outside His Home(Sdwjr.Blog)

A wellness check for Patrick Warren Sr., a Black pastor, turned fatal Sunday, Jan. 10, when an officer in Killeen, Texas, shot Warren after his family had called 911 to request assistance from a mental health professional. The family was concerned that 52-year-old Warren, who lives with mental health issues, was having an episode, according to civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, who is representing the family.


In the video released by police, Officer Contreras is seen arriving alone at the home and then waiting outside until backup officers arrived. Moments later Warren is seen going outside and advancing towards the officer and ignoring his commands.

A taser gun was first used to try and stop him, but he continued to advance toward the officer who then used his gun to fire three shots at Warren.Warren was taken to Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center where he died.

Contreras was placed on administrative leave after the shooting, which Killeen Police and the Texas Rangers are investigating.

Warren’s family, represented by civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, is demanding Contreras be fired and arrested.

“The narrative is so significantly false, we have decided to release the entire video from the Warren house…. we hope it tells a better story and the truth about what happened Jan. 10,” said Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble. “It’s a tragic situation. It’s hard to watch,” he said.

Warren’s son, Patrick Warren, Jr., resides in Bryan.

On Saturday, January, 23, a protest and prayer is planned in downtown Bryan by the BCS chapter of Black Lives Matter. The event is set for 2 p.m. at E. 29th Street and Texas Avenue, where other protests last year took place. The event’s Facebook page says “We had over 1000 people show up for George Floyd protest. We need to do the same for one of our own!”

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