Learn to keep the door open,She advised.


Written by Sdwjr

I was in Minnesota for a hearing that has cost me a leg and a thigh if that makes any sense.The hearing has been postponed for reasons.Each time it is postponed it costs  me money and business arrangements.Whenever I contact those who postponed the hearing, it will go to a voicemail every time.

I arrived a day before the hearing and I decided to visit some of my old spots  around the city.Firstly, I drove to St.Paul toward the University of Northwestern, a former university of mine.I drove through the campus to see what has changed since I have been gone for several years.The campus blown my mind I was impressed by the changes.

After that visit,I ended  up in Minneapolis around 10pm and I decided to hit one of the popular spots  in the city called Rouge At the lounge.Since I got a big day tomorrow and plus I don’t know how long this hearing was going to last.I should get in here and see what these people really happy about.I got in and walked to the bar to get a drink.The bartender said to me, you drinking blood Mary! I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about,I said nope, please give me a crane-berry and orange juice,thanks.

I grabbed my least expensive drink and head out to the couch to seat and watch the excitement for the night.I will tell you that Minneapolis has some of the most driven and business professionals  who gets down to the floor.While all these excitements were going on,I saw a old friend standing right opposite of me.

I walked over to say hi and she was extremely excited to see me.She hugged me like I was dead and came back to life.Mind you she hasn’t seem me and I haven’t spoken to her for many years due to some serious misunderstanding.I couldn’t tell if you was happy or drunk or really excited to see me.She said, come on and dance with me.Let’s bring back the old days of our friendship.I hesitated but got on the floor and worked the floor like it was my last and final time.

We sat down after few songs and we began to talk about our lives over the many years.I told her I am in Ministry and entrepreneurship and lived in New York City.My reason being here in Minneapolis was for a court case.I explained the nature of the case and asked me if I had an Attorney, and I said,no.Look,I have to be earnest, I can’t afford one right now, and will rather take the risk.

She said, what time will you be at the court house tomorrow.I said I got a 10 am hearing.She said,I will come pick you up from your hotel and go along with you as a support.I said, you don’t have to do  that and beside I might be shy with you been there.She said, wow!Shy? Well,I want to see that side of you.Send me an email about the hearing right now before I leave.I sent her the email as she request.I got it, she said.

She got me for the hearing, and as I got up to speak she held me down and stood up and identified herself as an Attorney representing me.She proceeds to defend me like she knew my situation and all I could remember was the judge saying “Not guilty.” She looks at me with a certain look that I will forever remember. In fact words can only allowed me to say that I should learn to keep the door open.I walked out as a free man because I learned to keep the door open.

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