LIZZO:Is it WRONG for black people to claim fried chicken in front of WHITE people?

So, I’m just curious. What is the consensus here? When white people are around, should we pretend like we don’t know what fried chicken, watermelon, and grape juice are?

Are we only allowed to enjoy & praise these foods in the privacy of our own community? Should we pretend to enjoy more acceptable “white” foods like green bean casserole and ambrosia salad?

What’s the protocol here guys? Just curious to see what everyone’s thoughts on the matter is…….


1.There’s enough evidence in history proving that white people’s opinions are wack anyway so enjoy fried chicken when you feel like it and eat watermelons, they are damn good for you.

Also, I see plenty of white people in the long ass line at my popeyes so…

2.You like what you like.Who gives a damn about them and their faux stereotypes as they turn around and do everything that they ridicule us for.

i gladly order fried chicken in front of white people. why shouldn’t i? it’s delicious.

they eat the hell out of fried chicken themselves. i see it all the time.

3.They front who are up in arms about that are weirdos who care too much about what white people think.

4.I’m not going to pretend to not like something bc white people are idiots. They like that shit too, i’m going to talk about what i like regardless.

5.I don’t care anymore about what ‘they’ think about what we eat. If you’re going to make assumptions about me in 2019 based on a dated stereotype, then I’ll treat you as you are = a fool and an idiot

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