Mother’s Day May Be A Special Day, But Difficult One for Many Relationships.

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Written by Sdwjr

“Mother’s Day May Be A Special Day, But Difficult One for Many Relationships..”Sdwjr

Since it is a day sets aside to celebrate the women who raised us,It’s a special day to honor them, ideally a mother deserves a lot of hugs and kisses for being in our lives.As the most famous say goes,”Mamas know more than most that life rarely plays out according to plan.”

Even so, I have found a lot of mixed emotions around Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day can be happy for some because they get to spend it with their children and family. On the other hand, it can be extremely hard for mothers who have lost a child or had a miscarriage. My heart also goes out to the moms who don’t get to be with their children — those with strained relationships with their mother or mother-in-law, with moms in prison, in the hospital, in the military, or who have passed on. Mother’s Day may be a special day for me, but it is also an extremely difficult one for so many others.

I think even men, specifically husbands and significant others have it difficult! I know, don’t be too quick to judge just yet. They are expected to buy their wives something and then make sure they get something for their own mothers, all while trying to balance who they spend the day with.What do you do if your wife and your mother don’t get alone or have never gotten along up to this day.Do you wake up on this day and say, I am bringing the both together for Mother’s Day. Negro!!! If you really raised black, you will know better not to upset your Mother on her big day,especially if she is expected to be honor at worship service.You better be on your best behavior.

Do I try to get dinner with mom before Mother’s day? Do I send her flowers? These are thoughts that runs through our minds when this day is approaching.You know you can’t spend mother’s day with your mom prior and you know you can’t send her flower prior, you know better as a black Man.That woman deserves the best of you and all of you.

There not try to get your mother the best gift than your wife especially if you don’t want to hear her mouth.Seriously, maybe it is just me, but I want my mother to feel special on Mother’s day and be thought of! Look! It is their day to remember, why not make it memorable for both if you can. Fresh flowers? A necklace? I’ll be honest,it can be challenging to buy for both. Half the time I pick something out for the old list from last year and pray that it comes across as appreciation as if it was a well thought about gift.

I admire a mom every day. Some days are the best days of their lives; other days are miserable, challenging, and absolutely exhausting. Sometimes I feel like mother are weird in everything — including raising their kids. But at the end of the day, I believe with all my heart that every mom is the perfect mom for her kids, though it is not an adventure to be taken lightly. You were chosen to be a mom. Celebrate that every day, especially on Mother’s Day. God bless you all!!






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