picture.jpgThere are different types of activisms in the world today and there are more and more developing each and everyday.I  stop counting when they came up with the LGBTQ Activism. The type of activism I am about to discuss has to do with dealing with White Police Officers and White America.It can be  modify to suit certain locations as well.Before I proceed, I want to say this type of activism isn’t for everyone, it means you must not have any outstanding criminal record(s) or warrant(s),basically, I am saying you must be clean,that’s it. That is the first step to this type of activism.I will assume you’re clean and ready to impact the world.Congrats! Now let’s begin our discussion of the five (5) steps of my style of activism.


                            STEP #1  LOCATE ALL CAMERAS

Get to know where the Police cameras are in each and every communities or places you might go to speak.Knowing where these cameras are, it can effectively forward your message and agenda to the rightful people.As I mentioned earlier, your message is regarding White Police and Whit American,and since they monitored these camera,they will be watching and listening to your message.Another great reason to know where these cameras are,it can be use to educate others who don’t know or aware of them.On many occasions,I’ve gone into a certain community where there were so many cameras and I educated the people there about the disadvantage of that these cameras have upon their livelihood.I will even tell them not be comfort with it and the direction it points,and if it rotates or static.I say be familiar with all the camera locations as much as possible.


This style was discovered when I started  investigating secret things that was happening around me,especially when I was staying in Brooklyn. I will watched these undercover posting like real guys and arresting and profiling others. I said,” Dude, let add this to the list of five activism.” I proceeded to record, picture and write down every undercover plate and within no time I could identity those cars and those who drove it. I suggest you include that into your style of activism.As an activist you must record,picture and write down as many plates as you can. It will help you on the long run

One of the places I will recommend you start is the precincts within the neighborhoods that you visit or speak.Another place I will recommend is the Public Court, there you can record,picture and write down plates.Once you’ve these plates down, I suggest you create a database, share it or use it for your own benefit. If you want more info on these plates.I want you to search this website called


This type of activism is done by many, and in fact, I considered it the foundation of activism.Almost everyone who started off at activist for the most part began by standing and speaking wherever they were at the time. The stationary stand is still effective in its delivery, its power can still be felt by others who are justing passing and those who standing and listening.To get the best result from this, it has to be in places like town square,Manhattan,New York,especially in crowded cities for that matter.I normally used this style of activism a lot, especially when I downtown and it is crowded and I can’t move as I want.I don’t recommend anyone using this in a less crowded place.You should know your city well and the traffic well to do this kind of activism.


This style of activism is my favorite because I get to move from one place to another, and while I am moving, I am speaking at the same time as I pass these people.I used this mostly when I am moving around the city of Manhattan and certain parts of brooklyn where some of those white folks are located.It hits them by surprise all the time,and be steering like where did he come from.While doing this I suggest you monitor places that might be your next move to do either one of those fives.


You must be prepare to move from one cart to another spreading your message with quickness and accuracy because the train makes quick stops and you might lose those audience.Be ready and steady always when you doing this type of activism.Be very informative because you dealing with individuals who are well informed as well. I say be confident and enjoy yourself.

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