NYPD & FDNY Chased Down BLM Activist.NOT BLACKS!!

If the title captured your interest,you are not alone,many will assumed the opposite just as you, because the Fire Departments aren’t supposed to be racist or against any movement or anyone who stands for what is right,especially the Blacklivesmatter movement.

Nothing is supposed to be surprising anymore in this world,if you know what I mean.The person that is getting Chased in the black truck is the Black Activist known as SDWJR,he led thousands of protestors across New York,he represents the black American Culture to the fullest in New York.

He has always emphasized to authorized organizations like the Police,Fire Department,Malls,retail Stores and white businesses in between to handle Blacks and Brown people with the same care as Whites.

His message has been misconstrued as against Whites and divisive and racist.Instead of these authorized organizations adhering to his message that uplifts blacks or minorities,they are trying to damage his image or blackball his personality because he is extremely about black and brown folks.

He speaks against those authorized organizations on his platform on Instagram (@friendzofculture) blog (SDWJR.blog) Twitter (@friendzofculture) and public as usual.He controls the flow of security around his movement in the BIG APPLE! A black man.

As the saying goes,stand for something or fall for everything and he is definitely standing for blacklivesmatter always and all day.Plus, if he wants to leave,he will own his own account.For now he is standing and speaking the message of hope.,BLACKLIVESMATTER!!!!!

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