NYPD, MTA and Gov.Cuomo are Crackheads who hates Black & Color People

827D6442-8456-41A2-9C91-5A29678938C9We’ve all read those many disgusting stories and seem those disturbing and harmful Videos about NYPD and MTA across the city of New York. One video when virus, when they dragged a poor  color woman, who was selling to keep the roof over her children head within the subway.That behavior was called White mental illness since most of them are.A friend of a friend stated,”Majority are White rednecks.” Day after day NYPD is gaining less and less respect from the Blacks and color communities.To add insult to the existing problem,they increased the fare and enforced fare evasion plus added 500 polices in the subway.Data has shown their motives are to target Blacks and Latinos.Infact,there is current charge against them for doing that. What a douch bag! It is evident that New York City is extremely racist toward color people. Did I forget to mentioned that as well for MTA. They’re another supporter of Anti color people.These two units have been known to collect data’s against color people as a way enforce the law on them.MTA is straight up douche bag.

There have been countless complaints filed by members of this city requesting that fare evasion has been created to target blacks and Latino but more importantly color people.

”I’m launching investigation into the NYPD to determine if officers have illegally targeted communities of color on NYC subways through enforcement of fare evasion laws.If NYers have been targeted because of the color of their skin,we will not hesitate to take legal action.”

Evident over evidence have confirmed that the city of New York don’t want color people among the so called debt tricking elites as we called them.These folks are not as rich as they made many to think.With the constant stop and frisk,profiling of blacks and Latinos,private prisons and increase of housing prices as a way to keep color people  out of the city or decent communities.

Not to mentioned the devastating number of homeless individuals on without shelters,food and clothing.Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot there will be more shelters, food and clothings.But since it isn’t, who really cares.We were not surprised when this city was labeled as the most rude and unfriendly state.I wasn’t and I am show you and the rest who are of color.I had to add this on,Many protestors considered NYPD, MTA and Gov.Cuomo as Bunch of crackhead who hates color and black people.


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