Outrage over the death of George Floyd Incites Activists and Protesters

From the streets of Minneapolis, where Mr. George Floyd went dead after a White police officer knelt on his neck for eight painful minutes as the whole world watched a White police murdered a innocent black man in broad daylight, to outside the White House where secret service personnels faced off with angry protesters and a pandemic that has kept much of the nation major cities like New York,city that got hit the hardest with Covid-19 had to stay at home for months. 

Curfews were imposed in some of America’s largest cities like Minneapolis.Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota activated thousands of National Guard troops — up to 13,200 — to control protesters in Minneapolis who turned out in droves for the fifth night in a row. He declined the Army’s offer of military police.

Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who pinned Mr. Floyd, was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Here’s what happened in the chaotic moments before Mr. Floyd’s death,and more on Mr. Floyd.

Americans are bracing for a sixth night of protests Sunday as the National Guard was activated in several cities and curfews were put in place.

In Minneapolis, where George Floyd diedand protests started, Governor Tim Walz announced the extension of a curfew for the Twin Cities. More than 5,000 National Guard troops were activated Saturday night in what Walz described as the “most complex public safety operation in the history of our state.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo used his coronavirus briefingto say that “violence never works” after protests not just in New York City but also in Albany, Buffalo and Rochester. While Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti initially said he would not activate the National Guard — “this isn’t 1992,” he said Saturday night, referencing the Rodney King riots — within hours, he had reversed that call and asked Governor Gavin Newsom to deploy them.

Cities throughout the country extended curfew for Sunday, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and more.

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