PASS THIS ON!!! When People Really Hate You.They Ideally Admired You.Keep That In Mind.

Amazingly,what I thought I knew I didn’t know but I did noticed something I couldn’t forget and knew this must be it. In elementary school,it became really noticeable and I thought this could change my life forever.

I had a responsible job after school as a teen to learn how to manage money and run a business.Being around my father,I learned two major things without him even saying it.I knew it.The amount of people that knew my father was extremely outrageous and I thought because he own a business, and a nice looking man,but I was completely wrong,and far from what I thought.

Since I was curious and wanted to know I asked him.Hey,father, “I noticed everybody knows you and I mean really know you.”He said, “The seed in you will always be know among the weed.” My father has this extreme intelligent and smartness that went he tells me something,it was meant for me to find it out on my own.

I didn’t bother from that point to ask anymore questions because he raised me or taught me that everything is there to be discovered.He never hand me anything so easy not even a answer to a question.That was one of his traits as a father that I admired and held onto.He spoke to me in parables always which opened a whole new world of solution to problems solving.

My mother on the other hand knew exactly what I wanted to know but she wouldn’t say it or explained it.She would say, “You’re the star in the family.” She knew our lives are more out in the world than at home.My mother discouraged us having sex I mean completely and especially when it came to her sons who were under her roof.She raised her girl child to be reserved til married and that happened.

I didn’t have my first sex til I was in my 20’s and It makes total sense why she stopped that early.Thank to you Mother.I saw my mother as the waterer and my father as the planter.I didn’t have any reasons to fail or become a failure because I had to figure things on my own from my father and my mother I had to find a solution on my own.

When I hit 17,it was game just starting,I took life by the horn.I never look back since.I was given a tool that the world needs from my parents.When I hit rock bottom I don’t call them and plus I don’t retrieve to find an easy escape but figure it out and find a solution as I was taught.Those two things worth more than wealth.Anyone who knows me will say he never stops figuring and finding solution.

A lesson I learned from home and that change the focus of my world view.Figure it on your own and find the solution on your own.It was the game change.

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