Racist policies have led to COVID-19 being more dangerous

The physician had publicly complained of racist treatment at the hospital.

Those people were trying to kill me. Clearly everyone has to agree they discharge me way too soon,” she wrote in one of her final updates. About weeks later, the University of Michigan Medical School graduate died after a lengthy and public battle over her treatment. 

“We are very sad to hear about the death of Dr. Susan Moore and our hearts go out to her friends and family,” the hospital said in a statement Wednesday. “As an organization committed to equity and reducing racial disparities in healthcare, we take accusations of discrimination very seriously and investigate every allegation. Treatment options are often agreed upon and reviewed by medical experts from a variety of specialties, and we stand by the commitment and expertise of our caregivers and the quality of care delivered to our patients every day.”  

  • A Black physician who died of COVID-19 had documented her treatment by white doctors and nurses at an Indiana hospital online.
  • Black Americans are contracting and dying of coronavirus at disproportionately high rates during this pandemic.
  • The United States has a history of medical racism against Black and indigenous Americans

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