Rapper Accent called Gov.ANDREW CUOMO A Nasty FREAK IN THE CLOSET –


I have signed into law that all gay men in the city of New York can afford a banana legally without any panic. You tell I have mine and I want everyone of you to have yours.Forget those religious people who don’t like us getting bananas.

Who cares what happens to the youth of this Nation and their families? As far as I am concern, it doesn’t they don’t matter to much compare to the others who really wants free to have bananas without fear.

Infact, who cares about those minorities who are gay, and who are dying from illness and diseases. We care about the rich who are gay and living healthy lives. They’re the people who deserves to have bananas without any panic. There are the people I am here to serve. I am not here to serve the Christians,Muslims, and White Supremacist. They’re not the reason.

Once again I want to say all gay people in New York can purchase a banana without any panic.I signed that into law. ENJOY!

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