Sdwjr.Blog:Black People Protest.White People do the opposite

“Black People protest.White People do the opposite.”Sdwjr

The only people who refused to accept or believe that they’re not violent are White People themselves.That is totally ok if they want to think that about themselves.

For us who studies history very well know that White People understanding of freedom is through violent or to be violent.Where they got that behavior from came off the British.

We know that White people haven’t recovered from that abused and infact that is the same violent they used against the British to be free.That is the only way they know how to be free from anything.VIOLENT!!!

We can’t be amazed but amazed at what these people are doing in this country.The things have seen and still see these people doing,it never a surprised at the damages they continued to create on Black people and other races.

Black people aren’t permitted to express themselves or dislike in the way that White people do.Which is totally an act of discrimination.

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