Sixty-seven seconds.A Black Man Shot and Killed

That was the length of time from the beginning of Thursday night’s traffic stop at 27th and Harrison Streets until an Omaha police officer fatally shot 35-year-old Kenneth Jones.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer announced that he and his command staff agreed that Officer Dan Faulkner’s use of deadly force was in accordance with department policy.

According to the officer body cam story,the officers pushed Jones against the car but Jones pulled away, Schmaderer said. Faulkner saw Jones start to put his hands in his pants and yelled to Martier, “He’s reaching!” Martier grabbed Jones’ left arm while Faulkner ran his hand down Jones’ right arm into his pants, where Jones’ hand was on a gun.

That’s their version of the incident that occurred between Officers and Jones.We know for a fact that is inaccurate that he had a gun.How many black men that had gotten shot by Police and they make up inaccessible evidence to legitimate these officers killing of black people.We are still demanding justice

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