State of Emergency |50 NYPD officers test positive for coronavirus |Crime rate is high……….

With New York City Police Department on the front line of the coronavirus fight in New York City, and some officers are saying they are concerned about getting sick themselves, or getting their families sick.It forced the big apple to imposed an immediate risk to the city.A risk the have led the Major to called an in shelter of all New Yorkers to stay in from 8pm on Sunday.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea has been compare  to grabbed the reality that Corona virus has already swept through police.An estimated 100 have tested positive and that number might be higher case by case.

With America’s largest police force at the mercy of COVID-19,officers are calling in sick,with the 1st. In Manhattan experiencing the hardest hit.An estimated 40 officers alone from the precinct call out sin.A total of 20% of the work force called sick.With almost 100  officers tested positive with COVID-19,and 5 hospitalized, it has left the department with no choice but to called in emergency from outside sources..

With shortage of fiver within the city,What a serious problem it has created for its 9 million populations.However, the police union says that the NYPD has failed to provide adequate protective equipment for officers or cleaning supplies.

Shea says that the NYPD is staggering work schedules, increasing cleaning of facilities and that there is a panel of doctors deciding who should stay home.

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