State Trooper Shoots BLACK Man With BUTTER Knife In Malden

A Massachusetts state trooper shot a man in Malden Thursday. Police say the man had a Butter knife and refused to drop it.

Revere police received a 911 call about a man at Stop & Shop, on Squire Road in Revere, who was exhibiting “erratic behavior,” around noon. He was asked to leave the store, which he did, and started walking toward Malden, according to State Police Col. Christopher Mason.

On Beach Street, a state trooper and a Malden police officer told the man to drop the butter knife and unsuccessfully tried to use “hand control techniques.” At that point, the trooper discharged his service firearm, striking the man, Mason said during a press conference.

The trooper and officer then placed the man under arrest for assault and battery with butter knife as a dangerous weapon. Police say they recovered a butter knife from him after the arrest.

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