Stop & Frisk Still A Racist Practice In Law Enforcements.(Dr.Sdwjr)

This video was recorded in Jamaica Ave,Queens,New York.Passenger got stopped and issued a ticket and was told for not wearing a seatbelt.Many of us who once lived in major cities like New York will affirm that we have been subjected to one of these types of stop where we shouldn’t have been stopped.

Driver had her seatbelt on all thru the stopped and up to the point that she was issued a ticket.I asked the black female driver why she was issued such an unfair ticket and she responded like most Black and Latino people would do,NOTHING! But be silent and accept whatever came with it.

I asked the driver if the stop with right and why did she accept the ticket.Her respond was nothing she could do and absolutely nothing she could do.She didn’t deserve the ticket but we know the motivate behind the stop,RACISM.

A Stop & Frisk data from the NYCLU talks about:Nearly 9 out of 10 stopped-and-frisked New Yorkers have been completely innocent. 8,867 were innocent (66 percent).
7,981 were Black (59 percent).
3,869 were Latinx (29 percent).
1,215 were white (9 percent).

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