1D2E9128-ED06-4D7C-8785-BC81A3A7EC7EWritten By Sdwjr

As Sean Diddy Comb stated,“Your L might not be mine but we both got one.Take it like a champ.” I like failure more than anything,Wait! I meant to say I like the process of failure more than anything.I think that sounds great! Life has the tendency of going at us when we least expect.I don’t know if that boost his eager, cause he seems to do it quite often to mankind.Did I just called life a he? Oh,well,he definitely doesn’t behave like anyone with a real heart.

I don’t know if you know by now that taking an L from life can be done to anyone at any given age.Doesnt that make life to be  unfriendly or bitter.I think it does.Anyone who will give an infant an L deserves  to be travel banned impose by Pres.Trump. I am just saying.If life can give an infant a L just imagine a grown person like myself.It means nobody escape  it.Just thinking about that give me a fever or an headache.Who wants to know in Life that there is something called L that is awaiting them some where in life.

I like to called life “The discriminator” because he gives people like me so many L (loses)compare to some of my best buddies who I thought we’re more deserving of it.As crazy as it sounds, life is creepiest thing that God ever created that we have no control over as long as we live.I had to say it but that is the fair truth of the matter.

I met this female called the grinding in Compton, California  at a sport bar.When I met her,I was a little confused because her had marks on her face.I mean deep ones like the parting of the Red Sea kind of a line.I am just joking! We starting chatting about different things and eventually we got on life.

She told me her facial marks came from grinding hard in the street.I said, who the hell grind with their head beaten up.I didn’t say that to her, I was having thoughts .She when on to say, life taught her a great deal of lesson to not be too thirsty and wait your term.I said how long life had you dragged ,She said,”25 years straight.” I almost scream and curse but I hold it and thanks to word in me.I said,life has no respect for anyone.She said,“I don’t want to blame it entire on life,I will take some of the blames .” I said there goes another victim of life denial..

There is absolutely no preventive way that we can prepare ourselves and our love ones, especially our children.Life does what it does.Beat the sense back into our head until we get it right.

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