The City of New York City handle White NYPD,and White Fire fighters as Society Outcast.

Do White people like to be abused and if so, it all due to the fact that they’re accustomed to abusing other people.It. seems like the more they abused these dudes emotionally and mentally the more they keep coming back for more.The city don’t respect them and that in itself have destroy their self esteem.From being the most respected department to become the most disrespected by people they considered less of a value must be frustrating.

Things that people say about the NYPD and White Fire redneck as many called them is really sad.What I have realized about people who uses fear to control people,they might think that they’re actually controlling those people but they’re really reaping the opposite.I can feel and see the frustration when people like me condemn them or called them out.Since they’re already condemn by those in power,they tried to take their frustration on the poor people or color people like Brown and color people.

I personally strive to get these people something to look up to everyday.Rather than being less busy and attacking black people I try to give them something to do.I had them on off phone chase for few month, and not I got them on the on chasing as for now.Giving them something to look up to everyday like a energy booster.I like the attention it creates but it also give them something to do. A friend told me if you ignore these fools they might go nuts and lose their mind because it make them another victim.

Everyday it costs this city thousand of dollars,and it is all mental related and also ego driven that a brown male is reflexing on White people or white police. or redneck fighters.The truth of matter remains,if I careless what can they do just as other brown and color people do.As an Activist we take into account self booster or motivation toward people who are always condemn by those in power and the public everyday for their negative behavior. “NO MORE RESPECT FOR NYPD AND REDNECK FIGHTERS.” Blacklivesmatter

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