There Is NO Way To Say Police Officer Without The Word White (Sdwjr.Blog)

Civil Right Activist

“WHITE POLICE OFFICER CLAIMED I NEVER SAY POLICE OFFICER BUT WHITE POLICE OFFICER.” Hold up! Hold up!I can say what I want to say as long as these distinctions are accurate and the facts are as well.I don’t quite disagree that there aren’t more Black on black crimes than White Police killings of Black people.Yet,again! I am focused on White Police Officers killing of Black People.Undoubtedly,There are other Activists who are focused on Black on Black crime.I am sure!

With that made clean,I am playing my lane or staying on my lane,and not changing my lane,so they can forget it.Do I ever going to focus or talk about Black on Black crime,obviously,yes! I am always about Black people respecting each other,loving each other and protecting each other.

As a Civil Right Activist,I am fully awakened and informed when it comes to Police brutality or alienation of Black people in this country.I am fully alive to the same Mal-treatment of brown people as well in this country by White Police Officers.

For White Police to displayed or be concerned about what I report or how I go about with my style of writing and Activism is none of their business.They should make it their business to stop shooting black people unjustifiably like they don’t deserve to live.

I will repeat it,White Officers are doing exactly what was done when those slave masters couldn’t control their slaves and had these racist slave officers to do their job.That same concepts have been repeated and repeated and repeated against black people.

Since my style of writing and Activism is directed at White Officers,somebody will have to explain why these White Police officers shouldn’t be called dumb White Police.The truth is within the pudding and the facts are before our very eyes.I am never absent in my viewing of racist White police attraction toward killing black people.For those of your who deemed my writing to be partial or one sided then your have to give me more reasons why I must changed my view toward White Police officers

As far as I know,there is no way I will say Police officer and not say White.Until somebody gives me a legitimate proof I hold these truth I know and things are have seen and read and what history always shown to be truth and nothing but the truth,so help me God.

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