Trey Songz CALLED Kanye West for being ‘in the way of black progress’ after his HUGE controversial STATEMENT about Harriet Tubman

The 35-year-old Songz (Tremaine Aldon Neverson) shared a video from Kanye West’s, 43, Huge speech rally, where he claimed Harriet Tubman didn’t actually free the slaves, ‘she just had the slaves go work for other white people.’

Trey Songz didn’t pulled extra wave line hit, but stated that West and his big Mouth he for the Presidency is, ‘in the way of progress.’

According sources online………

‘Ye you in the way of progress foreal, how you turn this goofy from who youwere? I’m so confused, whoever got his number need to call him,’ he concluded.

West has not responded to Songz’s statement, though his Tubman comments were just some of many controversial remarks.

The rapper broke down in tears when talking a
bout abortion, stating he himself was almost aborted because his father was ‘too busy.’

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