True Crime|Gov.Andrew Cuomo | Does He know New Yorker’s Issue.


It seems like anyone can become a Governor like this surreal dude.As many claimed to believe that he was elected to be control like a puppet.Dude Is only informed about what concerns Jewish, Whites and De Blasio Running of New York. Why did I mentioned Major De Blasio, he criticized him for mismanaging the city showdown due to default.Well, we all know how those two don’t quite get along.Gov.Andrew Cuomo is indeed the worst governor when it comes to handling and implementing suitable laws that benefits all New Yorkers.

Nobody knows if he even knows who he is really But what everyone knows is that he quick to come to the aide of those listed above,especially when it has to do with black and color people who are the offenders.The growing hate or hatred with this state can partly be trace to how he handle NYPD ill behavior towards color people.Many disapproved  of hate  Crime against Jewish with this city and ain’t have been one of the driving force behind the support of Jewish.How Cuomo handled the situation just made it even worst.There have been many hate crimes on Jewish after Gov.Cuomo speeches.New York protestors aren’t down with his form of leadership and he trying to  alienate color and black people.

He has double the amount of cameras and police patrol within a Certain parts of the city especially Brooklyn by Williamsburg’s.Well,we all know that location is dominantly blacks  and Latinos. It might be apparent that it doesn’t matter who takes sit as color people,it still feels like the white people in power.New York don’t respect or honored black or color people as they do other Nationalities.I am still questioning myself why this dude made it to his second term as a governor when it is a bad leader.


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