If they’re not discussing or opening up about their future goals they’re straight up playing games with you.Nobody who wants a lifetime with a person will just go day after day without planning or discussing a lifetime future together.Everyone has a future plan and if your half isn’t telling you.You not the one!They are playing game with you I called grown up.

There are other people who will play the game if they know their other half is playing a game.For those who got children,divorced or was married and financially stable and meet a female who is on game,and you see it.Well,you have nothing to lose but go with the flow.It might be your thing if you don’t want commitment.


I was chatting with my college buddies and we were talking about treating people as being grown up verses treating them as a spouse.I stated that if your spouse treats you like a grown up rather than as a spouse.They’re irunning a game on you.I mean a straight up game with a cold heart.

What spouse or partner will always and continually don’t discuss their future plan with their other half.What spouse will watch their other half spend unnecessary money and they don’t say a word but watch it happened.They destroy things you own not thing your own together.They’re partially there for other reasons like you could be a future potential for them to depend on.

If your spouse sees you as a grown up rather than as a spouse or partner.I suggest you start to see things the same way.No spouse will treat their other half as a grown up when it comes to their livelihood or lifetime partnership that carries decision that could affect both forever.

The ones who are running a straight up game I called grown up.They don’t have to create a personalized distance,and in fact they wouldn’t, they want you to figure it out on your own.Most of us,who are married don’t really think this can ever happened.But it does happened all the time we just don’t realize it.

When was the last time they really got you covered where you could say,yeah! I am convinced they’re in this for real? They truly love me and care about me.If you don’t feel it please don’t try to fake it.It will leave you ruin for life.

“Love talk can be fake talk if you’re not step ahead of that action.”

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