President Trump and White America enjoys when Black Americans are suffering and dying.

Can we say by now it is evident that White Police in America don’t like blacks.We can also say that White Police fears those who are black and brown people in this country.From the look of things that is happening across this country with White police killing black and brown for no reason(s),it has to be due to certain level of fear they’ve,and who really knows what it might be.

It was written in an undisclosed article online that states,”YOU ONLY KILL US(BLACKS) AND OTHER RACES.” I thought is was an earnest express or statement to White Police and White America as well.That saying came about after an LAPD Officer shoot a black Man 20 times in a bicycle.I had to pause for few minutes on this one.Who shoots a running man 20 times? Or who shoots an unarmed man 20 times?
The most recent incident after kneeling of Minneapolis Police on the neck of the late George Floyd (R.I.P) happened In Wisconsin where Jacob Blake was Shot unarmed walking away from those White Police officers.He was gun down as like shot 7 times in the back in from of his children,and as we speak, he is unable to walk.On that note, within that same state a white teen walk with rifle shooting innocent people and never got shot or killed by Police.

Another innocent death that isn’t mentioned at all is the dead of Matthew Felix by Suffolk county police, who shot the young black teen to death just because he was black, but according to police he was reaching for a gunNow many times have Police officers making these excuses for wrongful killing of black males.I can’t leave out the killing in Louisiana went a black male was shoot eleven 11 times.The family of TRAYFORD Prellerin still crying out for Justice.
What isn’t surprising to many Especially black People in America is President Trump disregarding black lives and respecting White lives.I think that is the most disrespectful thing one can ever do to country they claimed to govern.President Trump and rest of White America enjoys when Black Americans are suffering and dying.The entire world sees it and recognized it.

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